Everything You May've Missed from #UDRoadTripWeek

The Most Hedonistic Movie Road Trips, the Most Essential Driving Accessories and the Most Iconic Burger Stands

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All week long, we're sharing insights and intel about the American road trip, from essential tools to optimize your drive, to poetic ruminations on the most uniquely American tourist destination in the country. We're calling it—wait for it—Road Trip Week. 

To keep you abreast of what you may've missed, we're keeping a running list of published #UDroadtrip stories for you below. Peruse at your leisure.

Day 1: Inspiration Strikes

Read Cora Boyd's love letter to the American road trip

Check out The Road Trip Book, a travel guide to the world's most breathtaking drives.

Need some inspiration? Here are eight most hedonistic movie road trips (and where to stream them)

Day 2: Preparations Are Made

We picked out the ten most essential accessories and gadgets for your next road trip, including a super cool driving camera and something called the "handpresso."  

These are the clothes to pack, and the bag to pack them in. You want to look good out there on the road.

And the seven most binge-worthy new podcasts are...

Day 3: Where to?

Chasing the roadside burger stand: 10 iconic burger joints that are worth the long drive

Dispatches from Wall Drug: the Kim Kardashian of American tourist attractions

We plotted a road trip entirely devoted to lobster rolls, because lobster rolls are delicious

Before you go: here are the best Airbnbs off America's most iconic interstates

Day 4: Now that you're on the road...

You'll want Korean-style beef jerky, kettle-cooked pork rinds and these other delicious snacks.

Need some music ideas? Here are the best road trip albums of all-time (at least according to our editors)...

The road trip playlist is sacred. That's why we've laid some essential ground rules.

Day 5: Let's top it off with some regional road tripping itineraries, shall we?

This is your New York summer road trip guide, featuring upstate pig roasts and luxurious beach club pop-ups.

This is your LA summer road trip guide, involving desert-bound private helicopters and a bona fide whiskey library

This is your Midwest summer road trip guide, promising horse and buggy-filled islands, Kentucky bourbon and a water spa

Last but not least, we thought we'd share our finest road trip memories—the good, the bad and the hallucinogenic

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