10 Essentials for Your Summer Road Trip

Don’t Drive Anywhere Without Them

By Thompson Brandes ·
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Ah: the road trip. It’s a time to clear one’s thoughts, explore new ground, declare idiocy to imbeciles driving too slow and lunacy to assholes speeding too fast. It's the most time-tested vacation in the history of America, and there's no better season to embark on it than the season that's happening right now.

But wherever you go, you’ll require some essentials to make the journey as great as the destination that lies ahead. Our advice? Toss the following items into the backseat...

Filson Ranger Backpack, $215
A strapping, resilient backpack to store all of this stuff seems like a solid start. The reliable folks at Filson made you one that may just last you the rest of your life.

Warby Parker Abe Wide, $145
You did say you wanted to look impossibly handsome and badass during this trip, didn’t you? I think I heard you say that.

Buck Mason Deck Short, $65
Buck Mason’s most versatile pair of trunks can travel far beyond the impromptu roadside beach park.

Waylens Horizon Driving Camera, $500
I’m almost certain this is what they used to shoot Easy Rider.

Adidas x Parley Carbon UltraBoost, $180
Parley is famous for their profound work in recycling offshore plastics by implementing them into creative projects like these slick UltraBoosts for Adidas. You’re famous for traversing the entire country in them while enjoying their pillow-soft touch behind the wheel.

Pratt and Hart Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves, $43
You want to make sure your steering wheel is in constant contact with fine North American deerskin—just like Gosling’s in Drive.

Scrubba Travel Wash Bag, $50
This ultra flexible wash bag is designed to do your laundry anytime, anywhere. Simply add water and detergent, wash and pin the result to the top of your Jeep to let it air dry down Route 66.

TollSmart, $3/month
Sure, it can be exhilarating to throw your hands up and let ‘er rip through an unexpected toll booth, but it can also deliver an unexpected blow to your travel funds. TollSmart helps you fight the good fight by navigating your cheapest and fastest route to any destination you please.

(Though should you choose the less law-abiding path, here’s an app that can maybe help with that, too.)


The Acteon Beach Towel, $20
Here's a nice-looking microfiber, quick-drying towel, treated with silver ions to fight odors and the spread of bacteria, in case you see a glittering body of water and decide to take a dip, or an off-the-beaten-path stretch of shoreline and want to lay out in the sun. Should you need to sleep in your car one night, it's also big enough to use as a worst-case-scenario blanket. 

Handpresso, $200
Hold up, you were really thinking of going this whole trip without making a single delicious espresso from the comfort of your own car? Silly, you.

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