This New Tent Floats on Water

The Space Acacia Tent Is Comfortable, Weather-Proof and Has an Inflatable Floor

Acacia Outdoor

It takes a lot for us to pitch a tent.

Because, you know, hotels exist.

So there needs to be a compelling reason to sleep outdoors in a dwelling of our own construction.

"This tent floats."

Yep, that'll do it.

Space Acacia is a new three-in-one camping system that combines a tent, an air floor and a canopy. That holy trinity results in you being extra comfortable, whether you're sleeping in the woods, posted up for a multi-day festival, or floating on a lake.

space acacia tent
acacia outdoor

The pop-up tent assembles in a flash, so you can go from exposed to the elements to comfortably sheltered in minutes. The material protects you from rain and wind, and it's even flame resistant, though we don't suggest testing that out.

The temperature-regulating canopy pops open to provide cooling shade in the summer, or drape it around the tent to add warmth in the winter.

dog sitting inside space acacia tent
acacia outdoor

Then there's the floor. You can inflate it in 15 minutes with an electric pump. And it's made from a heavy-duty, six-inch surface that's the same expedition-grade material as inflatable kayaks and SUPs, so rocks and rugged terrain are no problem. That also means that it floats on water. So this tent could be your new houseboat.

A houseboat lacking a few amenities like a kitchen and bathroom. But a houseboat nonetheless.

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