This AI-Powered Robot Mower Does the Yardwork for You

The Tron 360 Cuts, Mulches and Avoids Obstacles in Its Path

Image: Airseekers

Spring is officially here, and all around you, birds are chirping, the sun is no longer playing hard to get, and everyone looks about 40% happier than before. 

Except for everyone who's outside pushing around a lawnmower.

Because spring also means yard work, and nothing kills the mood like manual labor.

Enter the Tron 360 AI Vision Robotic Mower. It's a new autonomous mower from Airseekers, a Hong Kong-based startup, and it does all the work for you. So you're free to sit around sipping Arnold Palmers while debating the pros and cons of AI.

The Tron 360 sees via a six-camera navigation system, so it doesn't rely on perimeter wiring, complex inputs or GPS. Instead, those cameras allow it to take in massive amounts of visual data, so the mower can plan precise cutting paths and avoid obstacles.

Tron 360 AI Vision Robotic Mower

The adjustable cutting chamber lets you set the mow height between 1.2 and 3.5 inches to ensure the grass is trimmed to your specifications. Once let loose, the mower cuts, shreds and mulches grass and leaves as it goes, monitoring its environment and adjusting in real time as needed. It also excels in tough spots, like under trees or along tight fences, to ensure nothing is missed.

The powerful rear-wheel drive, oversize wheels and self-rescue function keep this thing from getting stuck. And it even climbs hills up to a 65% slope. Just in case you live on the side of a mountain.

It's powered by rechargeable battery and gets about three hours per charge. When it needs a boost, the mower will return to its docking station for more juice.

The Tron 360 launched on Kickstarter, where it exceeded its fundraising goal almost immediately. If all goes well, the company hopes to begin shipping mowers in July.

Until then, you may have to continue pushing that lawnmower yourself. Or hire someone else to do it. Or sell your house and move into a grass-free apartment. 

All good options.

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