These Custom Saunas Are Almost Too Attractive to Use

Thermalux Is Making Them in a Range of Personalized Styles and Finishes

Image: Thermalux

Saunas have been shown to promote circulation, reduce stress, decrease inflammation and even extend longevity.

So, it's a shame that using one usually involves navigating crowded locker room and dodging people in various states of undress.

Hence the desire to sauna on your own terms, at your own home. And hey, if said sauna happens to be absurdly good looking, well, you're not going to turn down that perk.

Thermalux was founded in 2009, when the Belgium-based company put out a modern cube-shaped update to the typical infrared sauna. But recently, they introduced a customizable range of saunas and steam rooms that's resulting in a bunch of extra-handsome wellness options to enlist at your leisure.

thermalux sauna beside a pool

Scroll through the lineup, and you'll find saunas made from wood, microcement in multiple colors, aluminum, or reflective glass that disappears into its environment. Some are simple cubes fronted by glass doors, while others feature connected dressing rooms or showers. If you want a sauna with attached storage for towels, robes and others accessories, that can be arranged.

There are traditional Finnish saunas, electric and wood-fired options, and bio saunas. There are even small saunas perfect for apartment terraces and gardens. The company also makes steam cabins and sudoriums, which combine a sauna, steam room and shower into one space. 

green thermalux sauna in the woods

All in, you're looking at more than 50 color and design options. So you're almost guaranteed to have a different sauna than your neighbor.

Just in case you're competitive about such things.

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