This New Tent Sleeps Four and Fits in Your Backpack

It's Like a Tiny Home You Can Take Anywhere

Image: Exød

For all its draws — fresh air, wood-fired dinners, disconnecting from work — camping is notoriously missing one very important element: a comfortable place to sleep.

If you're lying on the ground, there's a good chance you'll be miserable. And if you're bunking in a king-size bed with room service, there's a good chance you are not, in fact, camping.

The Exød Air Station Pod-1 is a new tent that's more akin to a small house than a typical tent. The lightweight shelter packs down into a carrying case that fits on your back, and when ready to deploy, it inflates in minutes without the need for tent poles.

The Pod-1 is available to preorder, with products expected to ship later this year. It comes in two colors: black or white. 

exod pod-1 tent packed up

Once set up, the tent covers 52 square feet and has a five-foot ceiling. So, while you can technically accommodate four people, you may not actually want to. It's probably a better idea to choose just one person whom you really like. There are internal hooks to keep your belongings off the ground to maximize floor space. There are also two windows, or you can roll the walls up to let the breeze in.

The structure is made from tough, flexible material that's rated to withstand all four seasons, but it still manages to be super lightweight at just 18.7 pounds, so you can carry it wherever you go.

exød pod-1 tent

Pop this thing up at the beach, in the woods or at a traditional campsite. While you're inflating things, you might consider throwing an inflatable air mattress inside to give yourself a bit more padding. 

Then you're ready for whatever comes next, whether it's fly-fishing, hiking or drinking around the fire.

One should always be prepared to drink around a fire.

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