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This Year, Get Thanksgiving Delivered

All the Delicious Meats, Sides and Desserts You Want, No Grocery Shopping Required


For a holiday centered around eating until your pants don't fit, Thanksgiving can be surprisingly stressful. Especially if you're the one hosting.

So to help you prep for the occasion, we made you this handy Thanksgiving grocery list.

1. Beer
2. Wine

There you go. Now, you're all set.

Because the rest of your provisions will be showing up at the door.

It's all thanks to this Thanksgiving Delivery Guide, which features a bunch of meats, sides and desserts that can be ordered online and shipped straight to your dining table. Which means less time braving the crowds, and more time attending to other important matters. 

Like watching football and refilling your drink. 

First up, you're going to need a turkey. Or maybe multiple turkeys. Ideally ones that are hand-rubbed with a special blend of Cajun seasonings, marinated overnight, and then deep fried. The Cajun Turkey Company, $83

salt lick brisket

Don't want a turkey? That's fine. How about a brisket from The Salt Lick, that famous meatatorium in Texas? The perfectly-smoked meat feeds six to eight people and comes with a bottle of addictive barbecue sauce. The Salt Lick BBQ, $100

cajun turkey co cornbread stuffing

Here's some honest-to-goodness old-fashioned cornbread stuffing like they used to make... whenever they invented cornbread stuffing. The Cajun Turkey Co. $14

mackenzie gravy

You can’t have turkey and stuffing without gravy. And you really shouldn’t have gravy without a touch of shallot. Them's the rules. Mackenzie Limited, $30

harry and david potatoes

You're going to need some potatoes. Do your forearms a favor, and order these gruyère and garlic red mashed potatoes. Harry & David, $30

mighty quinn bbq sweet potato casserole

Sweet potato casserole made from an old family recipe and finished with maple and pecans? Yes. Add it to the list and serve dueling potatoes this year. Mighty Quinn's BBQ (via Goldbelly), $85

beth's farm kitchen cranberry sauce

Don't resort to cranberry sauce from a can. Instead... try it from a jar. This one's made from whole berries, oranges, sugar and cardamom. Beth's Farm Kitchen, $12

little pie company pumpkin pie

Gathering with loved ones and recognizing all you have to be thankful for is nice. But let's be honest: Thanksgiving is just a thinly veiled excused to eat pie after dinner and then again for breakfast the next day. These homemade pies, including pumpkin, three-berry, and salted caramel apple will help you accomplish that. Little Pie Company (via Goldbelly, $60-$65

This is no time to hold back. It's time to throw some ice cream on that pie, with a six-pint Thanksgiving collection featuring flavors like Brambleberry Crisp, Cranberry Crumble and Whiskey & Pecans. Jeni's, $68

Finally, you need something to drink. Sure, that beer and wine you purchased will do the trick. But go one step further by acquiring this seasonal pack of cocktail mixers. It's loaded with spiced apple shrub, ginger beer, cranberry five-spice syrup and other things that, when booze is added, will help you get through the day. Mouth, $105 

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