Turn Your Bike into a Pedal-Assisted Snowmobile

The ENVO SnowBike Conversion Kit Will Keep You Moving Through Winter

Photo: Envo

The season's first snowfall is always a welcome occasion.

The pristine white blanket that covers the ground before the morning traffic. The sun reflecting off the surface. The trees decorated  with a fresh coat.

Right. Unless you have to go somewhere. Or do something. In that case, it's not so great. 

So it's a good thing your bicycle can now double as a snowmobile.

Meet the ENVO SnowBike Conversion Kit. It lets you transform almost any bike into a motorized snowmobile, perfect for transporting yourself through winter's harshest conditions. 

mana riding envo snowbike

The lightweight kit is easy to assemble and includes a rugged electric snow track in the back and a snowboard in the front. If you want a workout, you can power the track manually. If you don't, let the battery and motor run at full throttle for an hour, while you sit there and steer. Or do a little of both with the pedal-assist feature, and you can keep the battery humming for up to four hours as you navigate over icy roads and up snowy hills.

Envo snow bike kit

To engage the motor, press the thumb throttle, just like you would on a real snowmobile. And consult the screen in front of you for all the pertinent data, like speed, mileage and battery charge.

Then when spring rolls around, you can quickly disassemble the kit and return your bike to its former glory.

Which will probably be a bit of a letdown.

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