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A Group Heli-Skiing Trip in the Alaskan Wild

None 8 Photos Tordrillo North at Winterlake Lodge
Round up 11 friends, and you could start a 12-piece brass band.

Or equally split a dozen eggs.

Or, possibly more interesting, heli-ski.

That last one’s a nod to Tordrillo North at Winterlake Lodge. It’s a weeklong heli-ski trip for you and up to 11 friends in the Alaskan mountains, now booking for March and April send-offs. (See the slideshow.)

You’ll fly in by small bush plane from Anchorage to your base camp on Finger Lake. You’ve got six cabins at your disposal, but the real action happens in the main Winterlake Lodge. That’s where you’ll eat local Alaskan meals prepared by a Paris-trained chef, do a little yoga and prepare for your pending athletic exploits. Yep, in-lodge ping-pong tournaments.

Oh, right, you’ll also partake in a week’s worth of guided heli-skiing on the Tordrillo mountain range. It averages 600 inches of snowfall each year and sports more than 1 million skiable acres. So... maybe don’t wear white.

Then it’s back to the lodge for relaxing hot tub and sauna sessions, plus a couple drinks made with ice hand-chipped from nearby glaciers.

Guess they misplaced their ice tray.


Tordrillo North at Winterlake Lodge
Matanuska-Susitna, AK, 99667


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