Raft Day

Rafting and Camping on the Arctic Coast

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When you went to bed last night, there was probably a roof over your head.

And it was probably still there when you woke up.

Hell, there’s probably a roof over your head now.

Let’s change that.

Go outside and remain there for a while with Arctic Refuge Packraft. It’s described as an “exploratory trip in a virtually unvisited portion of the Arctic Refuge,” because, well, that’s exactly what it is. They’re booking now for a June 12 departure. It looks nice.

In short: This is you spending a week hiking and rafting in a land where the sun never sets in June.

In less short: This is you and a few others meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, before flying into the Jago River Valley. You’ll be surrounded by 9,000-foot peaks, so maybe bring a sketchbook. It’s kind of like an analog camera.

In slightly longer: This is you then launching into the river with a one-person raft and a paddle. By day, you’ll traverse the waterways while scouting for bears, caribou and foxes. At night, you’ll make camp wherever it’s nice and flat and bear-free. And at the end of the trip, you’ll hop out to explore an island surrounded by sea ice.

Hop lightly.


Arctic Refuge Packraft
via Arctic Wild
Fairbanks, AK,


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