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Hiking and Helicoptering in Canada

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The best part of a good hike: all that walking around.

It’s great.

Except, now that you think about it...

Hitching the occasional helicopter ride might be nice.

These guys get it. Bugaboos Adventure is a six-night trek through the Canadian Rockies and the Bugaboos that involves lots of hiking, yes, but also peak-to-peak helicopter rides. It’s booking now for August departures.

This trip is all about the views. And since some of the best landscapes inhabit hard-to-reach places, you’ll have helicopters at your disposal to assist with the point-A-to-point-B stuff. So they’ll be around to drop you almost anywhere. Snowcapped peaks, remote ridges, sunny meadows, pristine lakes... it’s a real scenery gold mine, this trip.

But where will I stay at night, you wisely ask. The answer: a few places, all very comfortable. First up, an 1890s hotel in Banff National Park. Then it’s a mountain lodge with a hot tub, fireplace and fully stocked bar. And for your final night, a Scottish-style baronial castle.

Gee, that marks your third Scottish-style baronial castle this month.

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