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Heli-Skiing Argentina with a Vineyard and a Spa

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You’re planning a trip, and there’s dissent in the ranks.

Some people want to go backcountry skiing.

Some want to go wine tasting.

And others just want to relax by the pool.

Meanwhile, you tell them about Heli-Skiing in Argentina and save the day.

Because it’s a new series of heli-ski trips wherein the home base is a sexy Mendoza resort with everything we mentioned above, and it’s booking now for June through September departures. (See the slideshow.)

This comes from a mountaineering vet and a former Olympic skier who have been leading trips in Chile for more than a decade. But now they’ve crossed to the other side of the Andes. Which is why this exists.

You can choose from three- or six-day trips. Either way, your guides will escort you via private helicopter to ski or board on mostly untouched runs in the Uco Valley. And when you’re ready to retire for the day, you’ll head back to the Vines Resort and Spa.

“What’s that?” you ask. Oh, nothing. It’s just a picturesque retreat surrounded by 1,500 acres of private vineyards with a stunning pool and a restaurant serving local wines and beef.

Well, local to them.


Heli-Skiing in Argentina
via Powder South Heli-Ski Guides
at Vines Resort and Spa
Ruta Provincial 94, Km 11
5565 Tunuyan, Mendoza
official website


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