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A Chilean Ski Trip with Many Volcanoes

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Here’s the thing about your regular ski hills.

They’re not active volcanoes.

Which means there’s room for improvement.

Which means it’s time for Chilean Volcano Adventure, a 10-night trip through Chile that prioritizes skis ahead of shoes (and volcanoes ahead of non-volcanoes). It’s booking now for July through September departures.

The trip has three parts. These are those parts.

Nights 1-3: Your home base is a clandestine ski resort in a national park... on the slope of an active volcano. There you can ski 14 trails, and here you can see a slideshow.

Nights 4-6: It’s off to Hotel Antumalal. It was visited by Queen Elizabeth in the late ’60s, so it’s got that going for it. But it’s also got 17 geometric hot springs surrounded by ancient forests going for it. Do some relaxing. Then hike to the peak of the Villarrica volcano and peer into its crater before skiing down. It’s probably all the same stuff Lizzie did.

Nights 7-10: Your last stop is Corralco. You can explore the slope of another volcano, or you can unwind in your five-star hotel’s sauna, heated indoor pool and movie theater.

Popcorn is very restorative.

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