The Great ’Whal

Kayaking with Narwhals in the Arctic Circle

None 7 Photos Kayaking in the Narwhal Summer Feeding Grounds

They’re like funny unicorns of the sea.

And that’s all the justification you need for Kayaking in the Narwhal Summer Feeding Grounds. It’s a long and straightforward name regarding what you’ll soon be doing off the coast of Canada, booking now for an August send-off.

This is an extra-outdoorsy and no-frills trip. Well, unless we classify narwhals as a frill. In that case, lots of frills. See them here.

You’ll start in Ottawa and fly to Pond Inlet to explore an Inuit community. From there, it’s a five-hour boat trip through the Eclipse Sound to your camp. Settle in, have some dinner and rest up for what’s to come.

Because over the next 10 days, you’ll basically do whatever the heck you want, assuming you want to explore these majestic lands by kayak. So paddling out to the Koluktoo Bay to watch narwhals joust with their unicorn-like tusks... yeah, that sounds pretty necessary.

But you can also navigate among ice sheets to spot harp seals basking in the sun. Hike around the wilderness to look for foxes and caribou. Fish for some arctic char and cook it for dinner. Play Yahtzee if you brought Yahtzee.

Bring Yahtzee.

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