White Out

The Alps. Some Powder. A Snowboard. Fun.

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Conventional wisdom and maybe an almanac suggest that winter’s coming to an end.

And, yeah, that’s probably true.

But you shouldn’t let something trivial like changing seasons stop you.

Instead, you should make one last run with Into the White, an Austria-based guide company that’s leading you down some of the Alps’ best backcountry powder on top of a snowboard, now booking for day trips through April 11. (Here are some nice photos.)

This thing’s run by Mr. Chris Schnabel, a professional snowboarder and certified guide. He’s good at things like snowboarding and guiding. And that benefits you very much.

First up, contact them to discuss your skill level, trip length and desired activities. They’re offering everything from basic snowboarding to expert-level, off-piste freeriding to runs that start with a helicopter and end with you relaxing with a flagon of brandy. One that, ideally, was not delivered to you mid-mountain via Saint Bernard.

You can pick your location, too. The usual spot is Arlberg, but if you want to track down the freshest snow elsewhere in the Alps, by all means, just say the word.

Or however many words are required to convey that sentiment. 

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