These Jimmy Fallon-Designed Sunglasses Are Reversible

He Designed the 2-in-1 Glasses with Warby Parker

Image: Warby Parker

From what we can tell, it seems like Jimmy Fallon is a busy man.

But The Tonight Show host must have some serious time on his hands, because now he's the inventor of not one, but two new sunglasses designs for Warby Parker.

The latest product: Flippies. Their unique selling point: they're reversible.

Reversible jackets have been around for years, but reversible glasses? No. That barely even makes sense. And yet it's what we're dealing with here.

The limited-edition sunglasses are jet black on one side and "Warby blue" on the other. While most frames feature a little flex, the temple arms flip all the way over, so you can wear them with either colorway facing out—it's literally two pairs in one package. Wear the black when you want to present a more classic look, and choose blue when you're feeling festive.

jimmy fallon wearing warby parker flippies sunglasses
Warby Parker

This is Fallon's second collaboration with the brand after he suggested Spinnies back in 2019. Those featured a special hinge that allowed you to whip the glasses around from a fixed point. So, rather than holding your glasses statically, you could employ them as a fidget spinner.

Each pair of Flippies comes with a custom case and lens cloth, plus free shipping and a 30-day return or exchange policy. Even better, 100% of every purchase goes toward supporting Pupils Project, a program that provides free vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses to schoolkids in the U.S.

Can you say that about your reversible bomber jacket?

warber parker flippies sunglasses
Warby Parker

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