Smell Like Whiskey—In a Good Way

Oduoak's Fragrance Line Is Made by a Kentucky Master Blender

Image: Oduoak

Smelling like bourbon is usually frowned upon.

Especially when engaged in certain activities, like driving, sitting for a job interview or attending a kid's 9am birthday party. 

But sometimes that familiar aroma is exactly what you need to tie an outfit together, or to spice things up for a date.

So here's Oduoak, a bourbon-based fragrance line from a Kentucky whiskey expert.

Pronounced "oh-du-oak" (like eu de parfum), the new company comes from Jackie Zykan. She has degrees in biology and chemistry, and her career has taken her to nearly every corner of the American whiskey world. She once served as Master Taster for Old Forester, and today she's the Master Blender of Hidden Barn Whiskey. With a finely tuned sensory skill set, she's now turned her attention to fragrances. 

oduoak bourbon fragrances

Colognes and perfumes are traditionally based on neutral alcohols and infused with scents. But Zykan has put her own twist on the category by building these fragrances on a foundation of bourbon whiskey. Bourbon receives the bulk of its aromatic qualities from maturing in oak barrels, hence the complex notes of vanilla, spice, fruits, herbs and florals.

The Oduoak collection includes several fragrances available in 15 mL rollers and 30 mL atomizers in names like Feral Gent and Walk of Shame. Each comes with descriptions similar to those you might find on your whiskey bottle. 

There's Love & Whiskey, a comforting fragrance with notes of cedar, vanilla and alpine. The Mint Julep scent is described as clean, masculine, fresh and minty and channels the famous Kentucky cocktail. Walk of Shame is warm, woody, spicy and leathery, and Basecamp is smoky and dark, with notes of the woods and the sea. 

If you can't choose just one, the fragrances are also available in sets of four, so you can mix things up. In that case, Love & Whiskey could lead to Feral Gent and then Walk of Shame.

Yeah, just like in real life.

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