Lou the Day

Lou Dalton, Now So You Can Buy It

None Dear the UK,

Thanks, as always.

—You, in a soon-to-be-written letter about clothing

Take a look at Lou Dalton, some quirky minimal British stuff taking the form of things you wear, now available online.

Everything you’re going to see out of this woman (Lou) is just a little different than the way you’d see it from anyone else. Which, along with the fact that it’s extremely tough to come by on this side of the pond, is exactly why you should be donning it right now.

Okay, that was a little fashion elitist, wasn’t it? Allow us to make amends with:

Silk seersucker trousers. The scene: everyone else brunching through the spring and summer months in their regular cotton seersucker, like chumps, and you holding a Bloody with all the confidence of someone who just went next-level with pants.

A collarless pseudo-bomber. The scene: someone asks you, “Where’s your collar?” You reply, “I don’t need a collar. It’s spring/summer. And just look how badass this jacket is.”

A narrow-collar white button-up. The scene: um, you’re wearing a really dashing white shirt.

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