Learn to Make Rolexes at the Brand's New Training Center

The Dallas-Based Program Is Free, and It Culminates in a Trip to Switzerland

Image: Rolex

No one needs to wear a watch these days.

But your smartphone just doesn't look as good when paired with a fine suit.

Hence all the handsome watches adorning wrists.

Now you can learn to make and fix your own watch, rather than just wear it with aplomb, via Rolex's new hands-on watchmaking program.

The Rolex Watchmaking Training Center opened in Dallas last year to educate the next generation of American watchmakers. Now, they're opening the center to interested applicants for an 18-month program, which will teach participants how to make and service watches. Students graduate as Rolex Certified Watchmakers, whether they want a job in the industry or just more knowledge on maintaining their own timepieces. No prior experience is required, and attendees will begin working on Rolexes right away. The best part: tuition is free.

hands fix a rolex watch

Per Rolex:

For generations, watchmakers were plentiful worldwide and watchmaking was a not-uncommon career path for those with technical and artistic ambitions. However, when the quartz watch emerged in the 1970s and grew in popularity through the 1980s, the demand for watchmakers plummeted. The number of watchmaking schools in the United States alone dropped by more than 75% over just a few decades.

However, mechanical watches experienced a revival in the 1990s and the dire shortage of skilled watchmakers quickly became apparent. Mechanical watches need regular servicing to keep them clean and lubricated and to recalibrate their timekeeping mechanisms. 

You can help meet that need. Applications are due April 15 for September classes. Another session will begin in February.

Students receive an $1,800 stipend each month to help offset their costs while they focus on the program. And the course culminates in an all-expenses-paid trip to Geneva, Switzerland for the final exam.

Financial aid, study abroad... it's just like college, but with a lot more Rolexes.

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