Hamilton Just Dropped Two New Watches for Dune 2

The Pieces Are Inspired by the Desert Watch Worn in the Movie

Image: Hamilton

Dune: Part Two hits theaters this weekend, and all eyes will be on Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and their desert hijinks.

But timepiece aficionados may be unable to tear their eyes from said stars' wrists.

Because they'll be wearing a unique Hamilton watch made specifically for the film.

To make it happen, Hamilton collaborated with prop master Doug Harlocker to create a rugged, functional device for the Fremen, the people who inhabit the desert planet Arrakis in Dune's fictional world. And this benefits you because Hamilton is releasing two limited-edition versions inspired by the prop.

hamilton x dune ventura watch

The Ventura XXL Bright has a luminous blue dial in reference to the Fremen people's bright blue eyes. A button on the left side of the watch case activates the glowing blue lines, replicating the movie's Desert Watch dial design.

The Ventura Edge has a matte black PVD-coated angular case. Its digital display also glows blue, while the dial imitates the relief elements of the on-screen version. Both pieces come with commemorative packaging inspired by the movie.

Hamilton is a favorite brand among filmmakers, with appearances in hundreds of movies, including major blockbusters from Marvel and several directed by Christopher Nolan. Now, we'll get to see how they perform in an epic setting ravaged by war and the constant threat of giant sandworms.

Hopefully your watch-wearing outings are much less stressful.

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