Racing Watches, Nick Offerman's Apron, and Bacon

This Is the Want List

Image: Taylor Stitch

This is the Want List, a semi-frequent rundown of stylish new clothing, accessories, and gear our editors are feeling for one reason or another—and, for lack of a better word, want. 

Today's edition includes racing watches, an outdoorsy collab, Nick Offerman's apron and something new in bacon. But not the kind of bacon you're thinking about.

Herewith: seven essential items to collect and covet.

fossil sport tourer watche

What it is: Fossil just launched a new watch called Sport Tourer. The 42mm timepiece is Fossil’s take on a racing watch and is inspired by automotive culture.

Why we want it: These watches keep precise time, have a tachymeter for measuring speed based on time traveled over a fixed distance, and three subdials to let drivers record their time. If none of that applies to you, they also have good-looking faces available in multiple colors with interchangeable straps.

taylor stitch x marmot
Taylor Stitch

What it is: Taylor Stitch teamed up with outdoor experts Marmot on the newly launched 1971 Collection, which features items that combine nostalgic design with modern technical ability. In more basic terms, it features shirts, pants and a fleece.

Why we want it: Both companies make products for the long haul, so the potential for synergy is high. Each item is crafted with an emphasis on environmental responsibility, high-quality technical performance and timeless style. Plus, we like any collection described as an ode to the "free-spirited glory days of exploration." 

apc self care line

What it is: The French brand A.P.C. makes fine denim and stylish shirts. Now, they've gotten into the self-care game with a new six-piece product line. It features a body lotion, hand lotion, cologne, lip balm, body soap and hand soap. 

Why we want it: We trust A.P.C. with our jeans. It stands to reason they might care about our skin, too. And that shows, as the line is made with 98% natural ingredients. Also, it smells nice.

Offerman x Artifact apron

What it is: Nick Offerman's wood shop partnered with Artifact to make this Y-strap shop apron from thick waxed canvas and Horween leather. It's the perfect choice for keeping your clothes clean while you make a chair. Or grill some burgers. 

Why we want it: Offerman is a fine actor, but we can't wear his performances. Hence, this apron is a tangible way to appreciate his other talent.

new balance made in use shoes
new balance

What it is: We're still a ways out from spring/summer, but don't tell that to New Balance. Their new Made in USA Spring/Summer 2024 Collection just debuted, and it's sporting a mixture of neutrals with bright spring colors. A handful of items are available now, with more drops coming over the next couple months.

Why we want it: Whether you're actually running or just wearing sneakers with joggers around town, New Balance works. And the new colorways will put a spring in your step, as you wait for winter to end.

line bacon skis

What it is: Line makes several collections of high-quality skis, but only one is called Bacon. And now there's more Bacon to go around, with the newly launched Bacon 108 and 115 skis for the 2024 season. 

Why we want it: It's hard to think about skiing when someone mentions bacon, but these new skis are the total package for on-mountain dominance. With a full twin-tip shape, symmetrical flex and reinforced tips and sidewalls, they're designed to last longer, whether you're cruising groomers or exploring off-piste powder.

taft x you belts

What it is: Taft x You started with custom shoes, and now they've launched custom belts, with DIY options ranging from fabric and color to the loops and buckle.

Why we want it: Belts can really tie the room together, in this case the room being your fit. But it's rare you can look around a crowded room and be 100% certain no one is wearing the exact same belt as you. 

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