Orchard & Broome Is a New Menswear Brand for Good-Looking Essentials

The Collection Launches with Tees, Shirts, Pants and Everything Else You Need


We'll never confuse work with leisure, but between WFH gigs, hybrid models and casual office dress codes, the line between work and leisure attire is often blurred.

So rather than bisecting your wardrobe into two parts, let's embrace the union with clothing that goes from the office to the bar and basically anywhere else clothing is required.

Orchard & Broome is a new brand from Zachary Prell, the man behind the eponymous shirting and sportswear line that shuttered during the pandemic. Now he's back. Orchard & Broome just launched with a collection of week-to-weekend uniforms inspired by New York's Lower East Side — and named for the intersection where Prell used to live.

The company is described as a "next-generation knitwear brand at the intersection of luxury and streetwear." And that's evident in the pieces, which combine high-quality fabrics with modern styles that emphasize versatility, comfort and minimalist design.

The collection features a seasonal assortment of tops, including tees, polos, henleys, shirts and sweatshirts, as well as bottoms, including stretch-knit pants and joggers. 

Everything's made from luxe Peruvian cotton, and most items feature small details to make them stand out from the pack. Button-down shirts have modern cutaway collars and notch cuffs, while sweatshirts have an invisible zip pocket to stash cards or keys. Shirts, henleys and polos all feature mother of pearl buttons. 

The tops are available in a wide variety of colors, so if you find something you like, snatch up a handful of colors to work through your rotation. Pick up a few crewneck T-shirts, a couple henleys and button-down shirts, a sweatshirt and a couple pairs of pants, then mix and match your way to a full wardrobe. 

Find the right combinations, and you'll look great, no matter where you spend your time. Provided you don't exclusively spend time as a rodeo clown or attending black-tie galas.

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