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Trump's Golf Mecca on the Potomac

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First, some good news: the mercury's climbing to nearly 80 on Friday.

Which no doubt brings to mind cherry blossoms and opening day and sand wedges and birdie putts...

And, of course, Donald Trump.

Which brings us to the Trump National Golf Club Washington DC, now taking new members as The Donald puts his finishing touches on the joint.

Treat this—the former Lowes Island Club—as a 36-hole PGA destination in the making (that is, if the PGA kept steaks and scotch on hand). You'll start at a massive white clubhouse, passing under chandeliers that happened to be used for Ivanka's wedding and by paintings selected by Donald himself (so you know they're tasteful).

Your foursome will meet up with your caddies (some of whom have carried at Augusta National), who will come in especially handy after July 1. That's when Tom Fazio—the guy who "Tiger-proofed" Augusta—unveils his redesigned Championship Course, with triple the sand, fewer trees to keep your shots out of the Potomac and 14 new tees that push it to 7,700 yards.

When you've finally vanquished your foes, consider dropping by the cobblestone patio for steaks. But that's a mere way station en route to the members' poker room, where your bartender will pour your favorite whiskey and cut your cigar.

You always ace the 19th.


Trump National Golf Club Washington DC
20391 Lowes Island Blvd
Potomac Falls, VA, 20165


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