Freeze Out

Six Ways to Beat the Heat

How to stay cool for the rest of summer: pour ice down your pants every hour, on the hour. And now, here are six much better options for staying cool. We call it—somewhat unsurprisingly—How to Cool Off in DC. It’s a compendium of ice rinks, mountain rivers, plunge pools and other things that are not 90 degrees.

UD - Wilderness Voyageurs

Wilderness Voyageurs

The Play: Cold water.
The Place: The Upper Yough River in Western Maryland, which is in the middle of its dam-release season. This means an 11-mile jaunt through plenty of Class IV and V rapids. It also may mean a wetsuit.

Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays through Oct 12, $120-$145, Wilderness Voyageurs, Friendsville, MD, 800-272-4141

UD - The Spa at the Four Seasons

The Spa at the Four Seasons

The Play: Cold stones.
The Place: The Four Seasons’ spa, where they’ll give you a hot-stone massage... only with cold stones.

UD - Spa World

Spa World

The Play: A room of ice.
The Place: Spa World, the sprawling Korean spa megaplex. There are plenty of cold pools to dip into, but you really want to finish in the ice room—basically a miniature Fortress of Solitude.

Open 24 hours, $40, Spa World, 13830-A10 Braddock Rd, Centreville, VA, 703-815-8959

UD - Empower Adventures

Empower Adventures

The Play: Nighttime. Also: wind and altitude.
The Place: The new treetop zipline course on the grounds of Salamander Resort, which just so happens to be running moonlight ziplining this weekend. You might call a 700-foot zip 55 feet off the ground in the dark a lot of things, but “humid” isn’t one of them.

Aug 28-29, 8:15 and 9pm, $175, Empower Adventures, 500 N Pendleton St, Middleburg, VA, 540-692-9471, use code “Moon15” for 30% off

UD - Dram & Grain

Dram & Grain

The Play: Retreating underground.
The Place: Dram & Grain, Jack Rose’s cocktail bar. It’s like a subterranean bunker, with better drinks. And if it gets too cold... well, there’s always the stash of decades-old whiskey to warm you back up again.

UD - Kettler Capitals Iceplex

Kettler Capitals Iceplex

The Play: A sheet of ice.
The Place: The ice rink where the Caps practice. The team starts training in a matter of weeks, but at least once a day, you can drop in and carve up the ice yourself.

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