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A Military-Inspired Distillery in Virginia

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In the pantheon of Virginia’s famous Civil War towns, Manassas has to be your favorite.

It just has to be.

It’s the one with the new distillery.

It’s called KO Distilling, and it opens this weekend a well-placed cannon-shot away from Bull Run.

If you like to gaze longingly at copper stills, barrels, bottles and the stuff that comes out of them, start with this slideshow.

Then, take a look at these numbers.

2: Cofounders, each a former defense contractor and graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, hence the military references throughout.

1: Original painting depicting rebel troops plundering a Union train car. (See, we told you.)

2: Tufted-leather couches in the tasting room next to that painting—and a fireplace.

3: Tastes of liquor that you can bring over to those couches—a gin, a Navy-strength gin and a white whiskey.

8: Botanicals that go into those gins. You’ll taste mostly citrus, cardamom and coriander.

550: Gallons the giant Kentucky-copper still holds. You can see it on the tour. Because of course there’s a tour.

80: Barrels of rye aging in the back storeroom.

5 to 8: Years it will age before they release it.



KO Distilling
10381 Central Park Dr, Ste 105
Manassas, VA, 20110


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