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A Sexy Hotel Hideaway in Richmond

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Official three-day weekend: come and gone.

Unofficial (and maybe unscheduled) three-day weekend: dead ahead.

Your destination: Richmond. The city with the booming, Brooklyn-esque complement of jeans makers and drink slingers.

Also: the one with the new Quirk Hotel. It’s 71 boutique rooms in a 99-year-old Italian Renaissance–style building, opening tomorrow.

See the slideshow here. Then more details below...

The building used to house Richmond’s premier department store. You’ll notice the original vaulted ceilings and iron staircase in the lobby. Some of its wood beams were used to make the bar. And your bed.

The building still houses an art gallery, also named Quirk. No surprise, then, that there’s local artwork in every room, and a giant installation in the lobby made from coffee lids. Which... okay.

Your room has 15-foot ceilings. So bring Nerf basketball or something.

The restaurant is called Maple & Pine. And it’s where you’ll find local gin and Almond-Crusted Lamb with Pickled Blueberries. Or just find it in your room, because you can order from your TV.

There’s a rooftop in the offing. It won’t open until spring, but when it does, it’ll be the city’s first rooftop dining-and-drinking situation.

You’d think someone would have thought of that by now.

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