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The UrbanDaddy DC Holiday Gift Guide

Procrastination comes easy on the gifting front. Especially with an endless slate of bourbon-fueled holiday merriment keeping you occupied. Not to worry, you'll come through in the clutch—especially with a bit of assistance. Below, a few extra ideas to satisfy anyone whom you wouldn't want to go giftless.

UD - Sauces and Rubs From Pork Barrel BBQ
The Grill-Meister

Sauces and Rubs From Pork Barrel BBQ

It's hard to argue with stuff that can be slathered on grilled meat—especially when the recipe comes from two former Senate staffers. (Strangely not listed among the ingredients: earmarks.)

UD - Suits From Eric Finn Custom Clothiers
The Clotheshorse

Suits From Eric Finn Custom Clothiers

This Dupont Circle haberdasher outfits everyone from Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell to John Walsh from America's Most Wanted. You pick the fabric, cut and accoutrements—like ticket pockets, colorful linings and monograms (their initials, not yours).

Mention UrbanDaddy for 20% off when ordering, check them out here, 202-232-3042

UD - Alcoholic Jams by Copper Pot
The Breakfast Boozer

Alcoholic Jams by Copper Pot

Stefano Frigerio, the former sous chef at Maestro, is jarring up a trio of spreads. But he's throwing a little something extra in the pot. Think Peach & Prosecco, Sweet Nectarine & Bourbon and Concord Grape & Grappa. For a truly spirited English muffin.

UD - Weightless Flights From Zero-G
The Spaceman

Weightless Flights From Zero-G

Short of paying the Russians a few million rubles, these trips, in which your plane flies in parabolic arcs to create zero-gravity conditions, are the closest you can get to spaceflight. Reserve your giftee's spot now, so they'll have three months to look forward to floating around in their own personalized flight suit (which happens to double as a lifelong Halloween costume).

UD - Macaroons to Order at Adour
The Sweet Tooth

Macaroons to Order at Adour

Despite five courses and two bottles of wine at Adour, everyone leaves talking about Alain Ducasse's gratis macaroons at the end of the meal. Now for the first time, they're boxing them up and selling them retail. Order 50 and they'll throw in 10 for free. Consider that your finder's fee.

Order at least 24 hours in advance, Adour, 202-509-8000

UD - Slab Bacon by Edwards
The Carnivore

Slab Bacon by Edwards

Virginia produces two things better than anywhere: presidents and pork. So grab your bacon-loving friends a half-slab from Edwards farms (it even comes in a burlap bag, so you know it's rustic). It'll yield 55 to 60 slices. Otherwise known as a weekend.

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