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This Is Not a Celebrity Tequila

But It Is a Solid, Refreshingly Bullshit-Free Tequila


These days, celebrity tequilas are a dime a dozen.

Or sometimes, $100 a bottle. Often for tequila that's laced with additives, made with shortcuts, and places more emphasis on lifestyle marketing than actual quality.

Not a Celebrity Tequila is a new brand that's pushing hard in the opposite direction. It's a 100% agave tequila that's made the traditional way, without additives and with not a Clooney or McConaughey in sight.

To be fair, plenty of celeb-backed spirits are good. Hell, we just wrote about The Rock's Teremana Tequila, a solid option that treats agave with respect and claims to be additive-free. But for every good one, there are a dozen bad ones. Which is why Not a Celebrity Tequila feels especially fresh right now.

4 bottles of not a celebrity tequila
not a celebrity tequila

It's made in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, at the Galindo distillery, using only agave and water. The blanco tequila has light cooked agave with citrus on the nose and a clean, sweet finish with hints of pepper. The bottle's front label is simple in design, with nothing fancy to take attention away from what's inside. And the back label promotes transparency by providing details on where and how the spirit is made. From the company:

For over a century, the Galindo distillery has been nurtured and helmed by generations of the Galindo family, each adding their chapter to its storied past. Their lineage of agaveros and tequileros are the heart and soul of operations, tending to the agave with an almost parental care from planting to harvest. This deep connection to the land and crops is what sets our tequila apart, ensuring that every bottle produced reflects their dedication to quality and authenticity.

Maybe agaveros and tequileros are the real celebrities worth celebrating.

Priced around $40 per bottle, Not a Celebrity Tequila is a solid gateway blanco for consumers who want to explore the world of tequila beyond all the mass-produced, celebrity-endorsed options. It's good enough to sip straight, but affordable enough to throw in a Margarita or Batanga and not think twice.

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