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Travis and Jason Kelce Have a Beer Now

Garage Beer Is "Beer That Tastes Like Beer"

Image: Garage Beer

Travis and Jason Kelce.

One is Taylor Swift's boyfriend, the other is a popular podcaster.

They also happen to be quite good at football.

But now they can add beer barons to their LinkedIn profiles, because the brothers just bought an ownership stake in Ohio-based Garage Beer.

They're certainly not the first athletes to get into the alcohol game. In fact, they may be the only celebrities not currently repping a tequila. But the Garage Beer brand seems to better fit their personalities. The small batch light beer was founded in their home state — Jason and Travis both played college football at Cincinnati — and has been growing rapidly across the country.

The brand makes two beers: Classic, described as a small batch light lager and "beer flavored beer," and Lime, which carries the tagline, "It's exotic."

garage beer light lager
garage beer

The marketing further leans into the name and often takes shots at craft beer's obsession with IPAs. The website says: "No bitterness. Beer that tastes like beer. Definitely not an IPA."

According to the partnership announcement, the Kelce brothers believe that beer should be fun, and they want to partner with a brand that embodies the spirit of a neighborhood feel, a light beer all will enjoy.

"People crave quality and simplicity, and Garage Beer nails both for me. We are light beer drinkers and Garage is the best light beer," said Jason Kelce.

"It comes down to quality for me," added Travis Kelce. "I think everyone knows I like to have a couple beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man! There is nothing better to bring people together than an ice-cold beer, and for Jason and me that is what beer is all about — friends, family and fun."

Drinking a few beers does sound pretty fun right about now.

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