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The Reset & Refresh Guide to Summertime Snacking

It’s Time to Feel as Good as You Look


You think of your summer self as your best self.

You know… when you devote the time to thinking about such things.

And to guarantee you’re living your best life out there in the warm sun and cool breezes of everyone’s favorite season, we’ve teamed up with Monster Energy to help you get back onto the beach, into the park, or even stuck on your laptop, feeling as good as you look this summer.

We’ve laid out all the innovative new treats and useful cooking tools you’ll require. All you do is need to read on for a variety of summer situations and the crucial snacks that will surely lead you to getting back on track and acing them.

Summer will never see you coming.

What’s the Scenario: You kicked off work early to make it to your buddy’s seaside jam. Now you’re plodding through traffic in a different kind of jam. Your belly is growling and there’s nothing but roadside convenience stores and their grand caches of sodium lying in wait.

Your Must-Have Staple: Plant-based versions of traditional road trip snacks that won’t have you crashing, figuratively or literally. Like Treeline’s vegan versions of French-style cheeses. Pan’s jerky made from shiitake mushrooms. Chips crafted from super greens by Forager. And for dessert, raw cacao sunflower butter squares by UrbanRemedy. Cacao! That’s just fun to say.

What’s the Scenario: You’re up at an ungodly morning hour trying to secure your crew’s tickets for the first music festival to grace your area code in 18 months. After which, you’ve got a big workout planned to ensure you’re at your most radiant as you swat the inevitable giant beach ball bouncing through the crowd. Who brings those?

Your Must-Have StapleMonster Energy Ultra is like having a power plant inside every full-flavored can. It’s packed with safe ingredients that can supply and maintain your vigor, like B vitamins, L-Carnitine, and inositol, known for converting nutrients into energy. With the power of taurine, an essential ingredient for skeletal muscle function and exercise capacity, safe enough for baby formula, and even used in Japan for recovering heart patients. Trustworthy ingredients found naturally in fruits, nuts, and even made by your own body. Monster Energy Ultra also has half the caffeine of Coffee-House drip coffee—meaning none of the jitters—and zero sugar, way different than that Grande or tiny energy shot your friends covet.

What’s the Scenario: Your pals booked a house in that charming seaside community everyone adores. You’re committed to avoiding all the chips and devious flavored seltzers they’ve stocked up on for the weekend.

Your Must-Have Staple: An assortment from Daily Harvest, the well-curated delivery service full of whole, nutritious foods that happen to taste ridiculously good. With Heat-and-eat dishes like sage-and-kabocha flatbreads, vanilla bean and apple oat bowls, and carrot and coconut soup, plus ready-to-go dragon fruit and lychee smoothies and nourishing hazelnut-and-chocolate truffle bites. You may need to carve out a few minutes to clearly Sharpie your name across everything. Lest the others get tempted. You’ve seen the way they’ve been eyeing your mango-tinged, zero-sugar Ultra Fiesta.

What’s the Scenario: You’ve invited a crew of friends and their dates over for a big-old barbecue on your rooftop, patio, or pool deck. What the Argentines call “an asado.”  And you just know one of the plus-ones is going to grill you on where the meat comes from.

Your Must-Have Staple: An order of grass-fed steaks from Carne Collective, sourced from Argentina’s most reputable Las Pampas ranches. You’ll get a tidy package full of grade-A prime Angus cuts including such beautiful items as ribeyes, filets, tenderloins, skirt steaks, and picanha. You won’t get antibiotics, hormones, corn-raised feedlot beef or the third degree over your sourcing skills. 

What’s the Scenario: It’s you and your date on the beach. Under a blanket. Nothing could spoil the mood. Expect maybe the total absence of a bonfire and a fire-grilled snack.

Your Must-Have Staple: The BioLite FirePit, a sort of portable bonfire fueled with just a little kindling and a built-in solar-powered fan. There’s also an additional, attachable cooking kit for making everything from chicken or veggie kebabs to burgers and s’mores. You refuse to let humanity’s pesky need for sustenance dictate when you leave the sand. And with a can of Monster Ultra Sunrise by your side, who knows when that will be?

What’s the Scenario: You came over for a swim at a friend’s place. And suddenly find yourself entertaining some tiny relatives of theirs known as “kids.” While your friend hides somewhere, screaming.

Your Must-Have Staple: The Polaroid Candy Pen, in which imaginative minds can doodle edible designs in six sugar-free flavors. That ought to keep everyone busy while you take in some guilt-free laps. Or just zone out on an inflatable golden unicorn for a few minutes. It even matches your can of Monster Ultra Gold.

What’s the Scenario: You’re looking wistfully out of the window, dreaming of sun-streaked freedom as you do your best to tackle a last-minute work project dropped on you on Friday afternoon. Surely you deserve some sort of summer indulgence that will resuscitate your spirits.

Your Must-Have Staple: Brave Robot, a fully vegan ice cream that tastes refreshingly like the real thing and coming in eight indulgent flavors like PB ‘n Fudge, Buttery Pecan, Cherry Pie, and Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk. Just because you’re not in the sun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a scoop. Or a pint. 

Hey, no judgments here.

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