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This Vodka Is Infused with a Meteorite

Shooting Star Vodka Is Made in France with an Out-of-This-World Ingredient

Image: Pegasus Distillerie

Vodkas come in all types, distilled with everything from grains and potatoes to grapes and olives.

From there, some are flavored. At the more conventional end of the spectrum, we've got citrus and berries, and at the wackier end of the spectrum, we've got things like whipped cream and bacon.

Well, that spectrum has shifted a bit. Because now there's a vodka infused with a meteorite.

Shooting Star Vodka is an "ultra-premium vodka enriched with minerals" from a meteorite. That's a lot to unpack. But the basics are that it comes from Pegasus Distillerie, a spirits brand founded in France's Burgundy region. Pegasus makes a variety of spirits, including non-meteorite vodka, gin and a citrus liqueur, and each product finds inspiration from nature and the cosmos. But Shooting Star enlists an actual meteorite to make every bottle.

The celestial object in question was discovered in Nebraska in 1977 but may have landed on earth well before that. Once Pegasus acquired the space rock, they put it to work in their vodka.

The spirit is distilled from French wheat and blended with limestone-rich spring water sourced from 150 meters below the distillery. It then goes into an amphora, a porous clay vessel, to age for a minimum of one year. Suspended at the center of the amphora is the meteorite, which the brand says imparts taste and structure to the vodka resulting from chondrite, a mineral unique to meteorites.

Unless you've licked a meteorite, it may be difficult to know exactly how it impacts the 84-proof vodka, but Shooting Star has an inherent sweetness to it. You can use this like any other vodka, by mixing it into cocktails or throwing it over ice. Though the $200 price tag may warrant sipping it straight, so you can taste every ounce of that rock.

And then impress your friends by saying things like, "mm, yes, I'm getting hints of chondrite."

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