The Best of UD Travel & Adventure 2017

Very Odd Accommodations, Actual Westworld, Overwater Bungalows and More...

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As you well know, we like to send you on better vacations than everyone else you know goes on. But even among the best, there are those that shine bright. These were the brightest...

10. It's difficult to choose where in South America to visit. It's less difficult when you're on the continent's first luxury sleeper train

9. WTF is forest bathing?

8. Take a look at Havana's first five-star hotel since the Corleone's gave Cuba a shot.

7. In Toronto, they convert their old strip clubs into boutique hotels. Preservation, the Canadian way. 

6. This may sound weird, but the best college bar in America is in Montana. 

5. Westworld is an acclaimed television show, and on the show, it's a vacation. It's also a vacation in real life now.

4. Roller coasters are fun, especially when they're extremely long. And even more especially when they weave their way through the Rocky Mountains...

3. Might you be interested in an adults-only resort? What if it had personal butlers? Okay, we'll toss in an oceanfront spa, too.

2. We wouldn't hook you up with subpar overwater bungalows, so here are the most spectacular ones on the planet.

1. Here are nine places you never imagined resting your head. A Turkish cave may or may not be, but definitely is, involved.

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