All Aboard South America’s First Luxury Sleeper Train

Alpaca Tortellini, a Piano Bar and Other Good Times in the Andes

By Sam Eichner ·
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Seeing the Andes in person is pretty damn magnificent.

Seeing the Andes in person with alpaca tortellini and pisco sours in a piano bar on a speeding train is... still in need of a proper jumble of positive adjectives.

Until then, consider coming aboard the Belmond Andean Explorer, South America’s first luxury sleeper train and easily the most elegant way to explore the Peruvian Andes. (See the slideshow.)

This 48-person, rail-hugging resort has two dining cars, spacious cabins and soon, a spa car. You can now book one of four journeys. One involves lunch on an island in Lake Titicaca; another a breathtaking excursion through La Raya mountain range. All boast stunning Andes views, as seen from a train hurtling to or from Cusco.

When you’re not off exploring 8,000-year-old caves or whatever you do in your free time, you can keep yourself busy in the train’s library car or piano bar, depending on your tolerance for “Sweet Caroline.”

And if you feel like wining and dining like an elite in Snowpiercer, you’ll have a famous Peruvian chef making recipes like alpaca tortellini, banana-and-pisco tatin and other elevated exemplars of regional cuisine for your enjoyment.

Try to branch out from alpaca occasionally.
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