The Icelandic Fishing Odyssey You Never Knew You Needed

Five-Course Dinners, Giant Trout and a Lake with an Impossible Name

By Eric Twardzik ·

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.

Send a man to Iceland with a fishing rod and feed him for... a while.

Of course, it really depends on how the 30-pound trout are biting.

And you just might bag one on this guided, 4-day trip to Iceland's impressively unpronounceable Lake Thingvallavatn, now booking from April to July from Frontiers International Travel.

Ah yes, Lake Thingvallavatn. This happens to be one of Iceland’s largest lakes, and you can thank tectonic plates and some very angry volcanoes for its existence. All of that volcanic rock makes its water clearer than Crystal Pepsi, making the bountiful supply of giant brown trout easy to spot (you can see some here right now). Prepare to catch a lot of them, courtesy of dry flies, small nymphs and a dedicated fishing guide.

And for those hours when you’re not knee-deep in gilled creatures, expect to spend time at a place called ION Adventure Hotel. It’s a spaceship-looking luxury hotel surrounded by fields of volcanic rock, and also where you sleep at night. 

Plus it’s also got an award-winning restaurant called Silfra, known for its five-course meals extolling Icelandic specialties like grilled langoustine tails in herb butter.

Because man cannot live on trout alone.

Eric Twardzik

Eric Twardzik is often misidentified as a Dane. Embroidered pants and green Chartreuse are the two things that get him out of bed every morning.

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