A Road Trip from Zurich to Lake Como in the Luxury Sports Car of Your Choice

With Tibetan Relaxation Lounges and Suspended Infinity Pools Along the Way

By Sam Eichner ·


We watch in a series of quick cuts as a comely sunglass-wearing gentleperson and his stunning companion whip through the Swiss Alps, Italian shorelines and the serpentine Tremola Pass in a red Ferrari 488 GTB, the wind in their hair, verdant fields prefacing the snow-capped peaks in the distance.

Finally, the car comes to rest in front of a luxurious hotel. We see the boot-clad feet of the driver as he exits the vehicle. Holy wow, the viewer should think, this person is, like, really fucking cool...   

Contrary to what you may believe, this is not the script for a Ferrari commercial (although, it could be—hi, Ferrari). Rather, it’s the preview to your next vacation.

And it’s brought to you by Il Sereno, a breathtaking Lake Como hotel that recently launched a five-day alpine road trip from Zurich to Lake Como, with stops at two other breathtaking hotels along the way, simply because they know how much you like a) nice cars; b) nice suites; and c) nice infinity pools suspended over lakes. It’s available now through October 28th.

While they’re flexible on this, you’ll likely start this adventure at the century-old Dolder Grand in Zurich, where you’ll pass the time before hitting the road eating Swiss caviar on the terrace of the Saltz restaurant, taking mineral baths and hanging out in your suite. You know, normal pre-road trip stuff.

Then you’ll take off—in a Ferrari 488 GTB, Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet or Maserati Gran Cabrio MC—towards your next destination: the Chedi Andermatt. Maybe you’ll stop in the historic, affluent lake town of Zug; maybe you won’t. All of which is to say, it’s only about an hour and a half drive, so take the scenic route. (To be fair, every route is the scenic route).

After two nights at the Asian-inspired hotel, where you’ll no doubt make use of their Tibetan Relaxation Lounge, you’ll hit the road again and drive another 90 minutes to your final stop, Il Sereno. Your suite sits right on Lake Como, so that’s pretty cool. And for two days, you’ll also have to enjoy a quaint beach, that 60-foot infinity pool and a four-course dinner at their Michelin-starred restaurant, Berton Al Lago.

Things could be outrageously worse.

Sam Eichner

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