Where the Cars Go Fast and the Food's Made Slow

An Italian Adventure With Ferraris, Maseratis, Gnocchi and Prosciutto

By Sam Eichner ·
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Fast food and slow cars. 


Ferraris and handmade gnocchi.

By the inverse property and all personal estimation, quite good.

So you'll want to take full advantage of Prestige & Passion of Italy—a very Master of None-befitting, 10-day jaunt through Italy’s “Motor Valley,” where you’ll test-out a Ducati, sample farm-fresh prosciutto and share tagliatelle with Bolognan pasta makers. You can book it now if this all looks appealing.

If you're wondering, this whole tour is happening because some very history-conscious people feel it wise to celebrate 350 collective years since the founding of our world’s finest motor brands. They also feel it wise to feed you along the way.

So, during a week-and-a-half through Italy's north, you’ll be whisked from the Maserati factory to the Ducati factory to the Pagani factory, with opportunities to test drive a Lamborghini through the countryside and take a private Ducati lesson.

Before the trip is through, you’ll commandeer a Ferrari 458 on a one-and-a-half mile track. Which sounds cooler when you say “commandeer.”

When not defying death, you’ll also stop at a private farm in Modena to eat Parmesan cheese, tour a balsamic factory and make gnocchi in Bologna.

Somebody's gotta do it.
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