The Most Spectacular Overwater Bungalows on the Planet

Celebrating 50 Years of the Best Gift Tahiti Ever Gave the World

By Sam Eichner ·
704c4e53de4113ff225d55ff8f37ba519 PhotosThe Most Spectacular Overwater Bungalows on the Planet
Fifty years ago in Tahiti, three innovative Americans built the first overwater bungalow, thereby giving vacationers direct access to the island’s wondrous lagoons.

It changed the state of the country’s tourism (and our Instagram feeds) forever.

So today, we’re commemorating that little-known factoid the only way we know how: a turquoise-dappled slideshow of the most spectacular overwater bungalows on the planet.

We were going to say “in the universe,” but, hey, you never know...

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