A Floating Wilderness Lodge In the Canadian Galapagos

That You Can Only Reach By Helicopter

By Eric Twardzik ·

“The Canadian Galapagos.” 

It sounds like some sort of joke.

But once, long ago, we made an oath to you to never joke about places with floating hotels that you can only reach by helicopter.

And by Jove, we aim to keep it.

Welcome to Ocean House, a 12-room wilderness lodge in the Great White North where you can dine on razor clam fritters in the morning before paddle boarding within sight of Orcas in the afternoon.

It awaits you on an unspoiled inlet beside Haida Gwaii, a Pacific archipelago about 30 miles off the coast of British Columbia. And it's owned and operated by the Haida, native people with thousands of years of history on the islands.

The location is so remote, you’ll have to catch a chartered plane from Vancouver, followed by a 20-minute chopper ride to Ocean House itself. Once you've arrived, you’ll find a fully-functioning spa with steam room, guest rooms with Haida-influenced decor and an impressive indoor fire pit. Because anything less would be a tease (see the slideshow). 

Not to mention there's a bar and restaurant that will take care of all your razor clam fritter and pork belly needs. As great as they get at times.

But enough about the indoors. Those modern comforts should be the last thing on your mind, with all the opportunities you’ll have to explore ancient village sites, trek through rain forests and paddle board within view of Orca pods.

Which sounds much more tranquil now that we're not calling them Killer Whales.

Eric Twardzik

Eric Twardzik is often misidentified as a Dane. Embroidered pants and green Chartreuse are the two things that get him out of bed every morning.

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