A Giant Roller Coaster Through the Rocky Mountains

It's Something That Exists Now

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Tripp Fay, Copper Mountain Resort

When we founded UrbanDaddy, we did so on the principle that whenever we heard about a giant roller coaster opening up in a giant mountain range, we would tell you about it straight away. Thus, we bring tidings of the The Rocky Mountain Coaster—it's a 5,800-foot raised alpine coaster that runs along the natural curvature of the Rocky Mountains. It opened this month at Copper Mountain, a world-class resort in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 75 miles outside of Denver.

A little more about this coaster...

-It features a vertical drop of 430 feet.

-It boasts two 360-degree turns, aka circles.

-You'll have manual hand brakes at your disposal in your personal car, should you want to mellow out your ride.

-You can go year-round.

-Did we mention it's a giant roller coaster in the Rocky Mountains?

Oh, right. Did that.

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