This Luxe Trip Is Inspired by "Yellowstone"

It's Six Days of Luxury Tents, Private Chefs and Cowboying Around Montana

Image: Black Tomato

Working on a ranch seems romantic, until you factor in all the manual labor. 

Not to mention all the murder, corruption and infighting.

Though, to be fair, everything we know about ranching we learned from "Yellowstone."

But this new trip from Black Tomato gives you all the positives with none of the negatives.

Adorably titled "It Runs in the Blood," the itinerary is available June through October and includes six days of luxurious tents, private chefs and sunset cattle drives in and around Yellowstone National Park.

buffalo standing in grass in montana
Black Tomato

After touching down in Bozeman, you will saddle up and ride to a remote private camp that was designed and built specifically for participants. There you'll find spacious and comfortable tents—this glamping, with a G—and a picturesque backdrop of wild forests, rivers and mountains. 

In the morning, you’ll explore the nearby Lamar Valley, AKA "the American Serengeti," with an expert guide to search for wolves, bison, black bears and other animals you should look at but not touch. You'll also visit the valley's 600,000-year-old Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Falls, which has a higher drop than Niagara.

Other days you'll embark on river rafting trips, learn horse wrangling on a private ranch, and hangout in Jackson Hole. And evenings will include fancy dinners alongside plenty of stiff drinks to relax.

It's hard work pretending to be a rancher.

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