Westworld Is An Actual Vacation Now

Took Them Long Enough

By Geoff Rynex ·
Black Tomato, the people who bring you many of the coolest vacations you’ve ever heard of, now offer a set of trips that are taking you to the sites of television shows that have particularly spectacular settings. It’s called Set Jetters, and they’ve now added Westworld, Twin Peaks, The Crown and The Young Pope to the lineup.

This project started out as a humble Game of Thrones jaunt through Ireland and Iceland, complete with archery lessons, “North of the Wall” glacier tours and stays in castles. Apparently people liked that (who knew?), and now you can do 11 days in southern Utah with a horseback trip to the actual Sweetwater set, of Westworld fame. On your Young Pope trip, you know where you’re going. You’re going there with an expert private guide to take you through the holier places, then all over Italy in a private jet.

It goes on like this; rifling through the actual royal closet for The Crown, staying at Agent Dale Cooper’s spa/hotel for Twin Peaks. You can find all the opulent details here.

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