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This Just In: Now Your Game of Thrones Vacation Goes Through Northern Ireland

By Chris LaMorte ·
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Sometimes your trip around the Seven Kingdoms could use a little detour. And to that end: we present your next trip to the Iron Islands...

Aka Northern Ireland.

Here’s the story. Last week we told you about the Black Tomato Game of Thrones–themed adventures that take you to the filming locations in Iceland and Croatia used for the HBO saga. (Get a little flashback sequence here.)

Now they have a GoT-inspired Northern Ireland itinerary.

Apparently they felt that Croatia was nice and all, but sometimes you just need the splendor that only sleeping in ancient castles, taking optional horseback trips and/or visiting the place where Melisandre gave birth to that weird shadow creature can provide.

And Northern Ireland has all of that, since it’s the filming locale of many of the iconic scenes of the show.

This itinerary lets you visit haunted castles, mysterious caves, rugged cliffs... not-so-rugged nights sleeping in first-class hotel accommodations. The trip is fully customizable to your whims. If you’d always dreamed of, for instance, staying in Ashford Castle in County Mayo, you can add a side trip to Ireland. If you’d rather sleep in a yurt, just ask to add the Blink experience to your journey.

It’ll give you that authentic Dothraki feeling so many vacations lack these days.
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