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By Geoff Rynex ·
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2017 brought some interesting developments to the world of relationships, attempted relationships and intercourse. It's really a wonderful and diverse world out there, if you don't read the news, as our 10 favorite sex & dating stories of the year can attest...

10. Augmented reality has hit the dating world, of course. 

9. If cuffing is wrong, Cora Boyd doesn't want to be right

8. We spoke to the man who wrote a tome that is easily the definitive sexual History of the '90s.

7. 'Tis the season, like, right now, for advanced hookups.

6. First dates are pointless. Here's why, along with a brief introduction to the half-date. 

5. A passionate ode to an under-appreciated sexual experience...

4. Dating résumés became a real thing, but are they worth it, and what kind of person is coming out of the woodwork to read yours? 

3. Game of Thrones toy of the year, right here. 

2. Here's your guide to sexting like a gentleman. Study it. Live it.

1. The legal cannabis industry is now at the forefront of female pleasure.

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