Drake Is Reviving a Very Strange Amusement Park in Los Angeles

The Forgotten, Art-Inspired Park Debuted in Germany in 1987

Sabina Sarnitz / Luna Luna

We didn't have "Drake revives an old German amusement park" on our 2023 bingo card.

But here we are, with the entertainer set to debut Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy in Los Angeles later this month.

It's a revival of a defunct amusement part that was originally opened by artists in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. The rides and exhibits have been sitting untouched in a Texas storage facility for years, just waiting for their time to shine.

That time is any day now, so watch the website for the ticket release. Until then, here's more from the creators:

"In the summer of 1987, a fantastical fairground unlike any ever witnessed landed in Hamburg, Germany. Artist and curator André Heller invited over thirty renowned visionaries—including Salvador Dalí, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Sonia Delaunay—to design rides, games, and attractions into one extravaganza for all to enjoy. Some called it a 'fairground of sensations.' Others dubbed it 'the museum of the future.' He named it Luna Luna."

This new version is more walkthrough exhibit than actual amusement park, as those rides are certainly not up to code. But visitors can experience David Hockney's enchanted forest, see a Ferris wheel designed by Basquiat, and stroll through a funhouse-like mirrored dome envisioned by Dali.

Luna Luna amusement park
Sabina Sarnitz / Luna Luna

Drake and his DreamCrew entertainment company will also stock the 60,000-square-foot complex with performers and curate a surreal, dream-like setting.

If you can't make it to LA to view the park in person (it's expected to be live at least through spring 2024), you may get another chance. A DreamCrew rep told the Los Angeles Times that Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy "is the first installment of what will be a long-term project with a multi-faceted approach exploring the world of art and its intersection with today’s modern world.”

And, just to be clear: yes, this is the same Drake that recorded "Hotline Bling."

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