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In 2017, Make It a Point to Travel Your Ass Off

By Chris LaMorte ·
As 2016 draws to a close, take a moment to flick through your sundry social feeds, and recall your year of globe-trotting, jetsetting and general wayfaring.

Ah, the sunsets on the beach. Oh, the isolated underwater cabins. And, hoo boy, all that Texas surfing you did.

Now, if for some reason you’re unable to locate these particular moments in your camera roll, don’t worry. We’ve mined the past year of our best travel articles to help you. Read them to amass a bucket list of trips, adventures and simple ways to just greatly improve your life of vagabonding. Do it right, and that’s one definitive travel-related moment of a lifetime for every month next year.

Which is a pretty good ratio when it comes to moments of a lifetime.

So in 2017, make it a point to:

Make better use of a layover: Just because you have a few hours to kill in Dubai doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

Learn how to palm the desk clerk a $20: Good things will happen. Here’s how to do it correctly.

Sleep in an igloo: Just make sure you sleep in one with a decent hot tub.

Sleep in a tree: They’ve got pools and wi-fi now, you know.

Sleep with the fishes: By which we mean in an underwater room, not in the manner of Luca Brasi.

Be a little more like Cristiano Ronaldo: Or at the very least, make him even richer by staying at his Libson hotel. One or the other, or maybe both if you hit the on-site gym?

Take your time getting wherever you’re going: Trains are still elegant; you should enjoy them.

Surf Texas: Simply because it’s a thing you can do now in Austin.

Commune with snow monkeys: There’s also sake involved if you’d rather commune with that.

Learn to heli-ski: Don’t worry, unlikely British ski Olympian Eddie the Eagle will be with you. And if he can do it...

Go green: One of these breathtakingly verdant vistas is waiting.

Escape humanity: It’s going to be a weird year. You may need a place to take a breather. Here are the world’s most isolated places.
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