Ronaldo Wants You to Crash at His New Portuguese Hotel

Though He’s Facing Some Stiff Competition...

By Sam Eichner ·
None 16 Photos Ronaldo Wants You to Crash at His New Portuguese Hotel
Quick hypothetical: if Cristiano Ronaldo invited you to stay at his new boutique Portuguese hotel, would you acquiesce?


Cool. Just making sure.

Now that that’s settled, please join us as we consider this trio of attention-worthy new Portuguese accommodations.

One involves a rehabilitated thermal spa from the 1800s.

One looks as if it’s levitating above Lisbon.

And, yes, one is owned, in part, by Mr. Ronaldo.

Off we go.

Longroiva Hotel & Thermal Spa
Where: A small town by the name of Mêda, just a few hours east of Porto.
What: Ten new bungalows built into a slope that’s connected via swimming pool to rehabilitated 19th-century thermal spas.
Why: Thermal spas + bungalows = delightful as delightful gets.

Memmo Príncipe Real
Where: A hilltop overlooking Lisbon, which you’ll reach through a small passageway in one of the city’s most dining-and-nightlife-dense neighborhoods.
What: Floor-to-ceiling windows, a sun-drenched rooftop terrace, an outdoor pool and a Portuguese café with oxtail croquettes and slow-cooked pork cheeks.
Why: You’re a sucker for passageways. Also, that other stuff.

Pestana CR7 Lisboa
Where: Lisbon’s downtown shopping district. It’s about a 10-minute walk from just about everything that’s worth walking 10 minutes to.
What: Cristiano Ronaldo’s tech-savvy hotel with a DJ-friendly sports bar, pork belly poached eggs and an art-deco-style suite overlooking the Tagus River.
Why: If it’s good enough for Ronaldo...

... We’ll let this slideshow finish that sentence.
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Longroiva Hotel & Thermal Spa
Lugar do Rossio
(off Longroiva exit)
+351 279 149 020
official website

Memmo Príncipe Real
Rua Dom Pedro V 56 J
official website

Pestana CR7 Lisboa
Rua do Comércio 54
+351 218 442 001
official website


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