Now, This Is How You Igloo

If You’re Going to Sleep in an Ice Hut, Make Sure It’s a Great Ice Hut

By Chris LaMorte ·
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It’s that busy time near the North Pole right now.

Santa is in the final stages of his annual list-checking obligations.

Reindeer are in the semifinals of their reindeer games.

Elves are busy slapping a final coat of paint on the Xbox you requested. (Don’t get too excited—it’s just a wooden block with the letter X on it.)

But here’s the really important part, mainly because it’s the only part that’s true: people in the world’s northern hinterlands are busy transforming sheets of snow and ice into state-of-the-art igloos and filling them with everything the well-equipped Inuit home has these days. And, yes, that includes a hot tub and a bar.

So to get you an idea of what’s coming your way, we give you a roundup of various snow shelters across the world, whether you want a place to watch the northern lights or just want to have a cozy rendezvous with your favorite elf.

Naughty list be damned.
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