Now, This Is How You Igloo

If You’re Going to Sleep in an Ice Hut, Make Sure It’s a Great Ice Hut

By Chris LaMorte
4b8edd6cef7503e7225ead1f86a3fdf914 PhotosNow, This Is How You Igloo
It’s that busy time near the North Pole right now.

Santa is in the final stages of his annual list-checking obligations.

Reindeer are in the semifinals of their reindeer games.

Elves are busy slapping a final coat of paint on the Xbox you requested. (Don’t get too excited—it’s just a wooden block with the letter X on it.)

But here’s the really important part, mainly because it’s the only part that’s true: people in the world’s northern hinterlands are busy transforming sheets of snow and ice into state-of-the-art igloos and filling them with everything the well-equipped Inuit home has these days. And, yes, that includes a hot tub and a bar.

So to get you an idea of what’s coming your way, we give you a roundup of various snow shelters across the world, whether you want a place to watch the northern lights or just want to have a cozy rendezvous with your favorite elf.

Naughty list be damned.

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