Tree Climbing at Riverside Outfitters

Out on a Limb

Climbing a 100-Year-Old Oak Tree

None “Because it’s there.”

That’s what George Mallory said when they asked why he wanted to climb Everest.

Well, you’re going to say the same thing about a really old oak tree.

Here’s Tree Climbing at Riverside Outfitters in Richmond, whose guides will take you up 100-year-old, 100-foot-tall oaks along the James River, now booking outings for spring.

Most important thing to know: this isn’t like scrambling up the old apple tree when you were a kid. Mostly because there aren’t any limbs you can reach from the ground. So you’ll need some gear, like harnesses and foot ascenders—basically a loop of webbing that goes around your shoe and lets you shimmy up a rope. Great word, shimmy.

You’ll also need some encouragement. So you’ll be pleased to know every climber has their own guide.

Finally, you’ll reach a branch. Might be 50 feet up. Maybe higher. At any rate, you’ll find a limb wide enough to walk on. And then you’ll do exactly that.

Then... you’ll yell like Tarzan. Make yourself one with the wildlife. Let a squirrel sit on your shoulder.

Or come back down and have a sandwich.

Up to you.


Tree Climbing at Riverside Outfitters
6836 Old Westham Rd
Richmond, VA, 23225

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