Short Stories

2014, in a Bunch of Random Sentences

A lot happened in 2014. And we had a lot to say about it.

And usually, it made sense. Because it possessed that valuable commodity known as context.

Here, we take all that away with The Year in Short, a collection of random sentences from 2014.

Here we go...

“Forty years ago, you’d have asked for a Schlitz in a place like this.”

“... for a Flashdance-type experience. But with fewer clothes.”

“That person in accounting who approves your expenses? That person is going to hate you now.”

“Come to think of it, hire a Sherpa.”

It only feels kinky the first time.”

Not advised if your neighbor is Hawaiian.”

“If you’re feeling more Rory McIlroy than Rodney Dangerfield.”

But neither did Hefner. Or Sherlock Holmes.”

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