That ’70s Bar

A Retro-Looking Lounge from the Cedars Social Guys

None Happy early St. Patrick’s Day.

Here, we got you a present.

It’s a bar.

And good news, it’s off the beaten path.

Slip inside Smyth, a low-key cocktail lounge for sipping intricate drinks in what appears to be a stylish 1970s den, now quietly open on Travis Street.

The Cedars Social. You know it. Good spot. Great Old Fashioneds. Anyway, this place is from those guys, and it’s covertly attached to their in-the-works project, the Establishment. Inside the unassuming door you’ll find... well, the ’70s. Wood-paneled walls, shag carpets, low lighting. But also (and this part’s important) rows and rows of bottles.

So Saturday, when the streets of Uptown run green with beer, you’ll steal away here for a few hours. There’s no set cocktail menu. It’s just you, your imagination and the bartenders, should you get stuck figuring out what goes best with scotch. (The answer’s hand-carved ice. Or nothing.)

Oh, and you may notice there are a couple of things around the place missing. Like bar stools and tables (hang tight, they’re coming). So for now, just take your drink and hang over by the big, beige shag carpet.

Lie on it. You know you want to.


at The Establishment
4513 Travis St
Dallas, TX, 75205

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